Our technology stems from years of academic research and continued refinement and testing since KYMIRA was established in 2013, totalling over a decade of research in total. We wrote earlier in our 7 Days of KYMIRA series, how our products were developed for medical conditions, and we adapted them for sports. Today, we are going to take a deeper dive into the effects that they have on the body.

Scientific integrity has always been at the heart of what we do at KYMIRA. Every claim we make is supported by clinical research, conducted by independent researchers.

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Increased Circulation

When our body is exposed to infrared light, an enzyme called Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase, or eNOS for short, is activated. eNOS produces a chemical called Nitric Oxide in our blood vessels and it is this chemical which allows our products to treat, manage or regulate circulatory conditions such as Raynaud’s disease and inflammation in conditions such as arthritis. Nitric Oxide causes our blood vessels to expand or dilate, allowing blood to flow more freely to the extremities and fluids away from sites of inflammation.

For individuals suffering from conditions such as Raynaud's disease, our products differ from others on the market as they do not just trap heat, they address the route problem (poor circulation) itself.

Users should note that our products will not cure circulatory conditions, they should be used as a management tool. Our products will work when worn, and in the areas that they cover. Once the product is removed, your circulation will return to normal.

Tissue Oxygen

When our bodies are exposed to the infrared light from KYMIRA's products, it has been found that our calls work more efficiently. They consume less oxygen. while maintaining their function. This effect, coupled with the increases in circulation, act to boost tissue oxygen levels by up to 20%. To give an analogy, it is like buying a new car, with a larger fuel tank (circulation), and a more efficient engine (cellular efficiency). If you drove the 100 miles in the new car, you would have more fuel in reserve, than you would have had in the old one.

Boosting tissue oxygen levels has a number of benefits, from helping with hypoxic conditions, such as those caused by diabetes. Through to helping the body to heal quicker from injuries, surgeries or other forms of tissue damage.


As well as contributing to an increase in circulation, Nitric Oxide has a relationship with a chemical called Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate, also called cGMP. cGMP is the same chemical which is activated when we take an drugs like an opiate. Our infrared products will not be as potent as an opiate would, nor are they addictive. However, they are effective enough to significantly reduce pain levels so that you can live your life. Chronic pain conditions that our products have helped manage include fibromyalgia, various joint conditions such as arthritis and bursitis, and diabetic foot pain.

Thermal Regulation

Wearing KYMIRA product have both biological effects which help you to better regulate temperature, and the fabrics physically work differently as well. In colder climates, our fabrics will heat up quicker and then store the heat inside the fibres. In fact they retain heat 63% longer than other fabrics. To stop you from overheating however, they dry 65% quicker, dissipating heat through evaporation. Tying the two together, is the boost in circulation which allows your body to transport warmth more efficiently. Ultimately, meaning that your ability to regulate rather than just heat or cool is vastly improved.

Muscle Relaxation

Another great effect that Nitric Oxide has on our body is to relax skeletal muscle tissue. It has been well documented that priming a muscle with Nitric Oxide before any sport or activity, but there are also benefits with helping to relax tight muscles.

Many of the effects of KYMIRA will start to diminish once you take our products off. However, the muscle relaxation benefits will not wear off. If your muscles have already formed knots, using our products will not instantly relieve them, but it will make them far easier to work out and reduce the chances of them coming back.

Energy Production

When our cells are exposed to infrared light, it interacts with cell organelles called mitochondria. These are the power plants of our cells, and is where the body produces the chemical units of energy that fuel our bodily functions, ATP. The infrared light accelerated the process in the mitochondria (the electron transport chain), boosting the rate at which ATP is produced.

More ATP means that our cells have more fuel to carry out vital processes, grow and repair.

Cellular Growth and Repair

While not clinically shown with KYMIRA's specific products, this was the reason that our infrared technology was first developed. Our founder Tim Brownstone was researching the effects of infrared light on wound healing. Research such as this, and other studies conducted in Japan and the US show vastly improved rates of healing due to the accelerated growth and repair of cells. In part this is because of the increased ATP production that was mentioned in the last section.


Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson said:

What does it do for diabetics?

KYMIRA Medical - Tim

KYMIRA Medical - Tim said:

Hi Michael,

Our products can be particularly useful for diabetics that are suffering from poor circulation in their extremities and/or hypoxia. We have clinical evidence that our socks in particular really help to reduce diabetic, neuropathic footpain.

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