With FDA approval and listing as a class 1 medical device, KYMIRA clothing has been thoroughly tested to prove its efficacy. With its many benefits, a more speedy recovery is a main highlight of why KYMIRA kit is so important to wear in everyday life to prevent strains and tight muscles.

In this blog we’ll outline some of the key concepts in recovery, highlighting exactly how using KYMIRA’s infrared technology will improve recovery times for athletes, leading to reduced injury rates and improved performances.

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Key Points:

  • KYMIRA Infrared Technology
  • Improving Circulation to Improve Musculoskeletal Injury
  • Heat and Blood Flow Improves Muscle Tissue Elasticity and Reduces Injury Risk
  • Infrared Fabrics and the Imoact on Enhancing Recovery and Rehabilitation
  • Improving Sleep Quality with Infrared Technology and the Effects on Recovery
  • Concluding Thoughts

In this blog we’ll outline some of the key concepts in recovery, highlighting exactly how using KYMIRA’s infrared technology will improve recovery times for individuals, leading to reduced injury rates and improved

KYMIRA Infrared Technology

Unlike other infrared technologies, KYMIRA’s patented KYnergy fabric has the infrared technology embedded within the fabric. This means that the potency of the infrared remains throughout the life of the garment – it doesn’t wash away or degrade over time, unlike other traditional recovery fabrics that are commonly used.

Whilst it wouldn’t be practical to outline every single study showing the effectiveness of infrared technology in a single blog we have collated some of the more practical data. For convenience we have organised the studies into two distinct phases…

  • Injury Prevention
  • Recovery and Rehabilitation

There is data from various studies within the text, with references at the bottom of the document. They show how impactful infrared is in relation to recovery.

Improving Circulation to Reduce Musculoskeletal Injury

One of the most powerful elements of infrared technology is the immediate improvement of blood flow to tissues. This is a phenomenon that can be observed in real time under a capillary microscope and is a live demonstration of the impact KYMIRA technology can have on the user.

Passive stimulation of blood flow can be disproportionately impactful to the recovery of a player, as shown in the literature.

Heat and blood flow improves muscle tissue elasticity and reduces injury risk

We know from research that the most common physiopathology of muscle damage is the excessive stretching and subsequent tearing of muscle fibres due to tensile forces exerted on the tissues [1].

We also know that an effective warm up has the effect of improving muscle and connective tissue flexibility [2] via the exercise hyperemia [3]. One of the ways KYMIRA can augment the effectiveness of the warm-up is via the stimulation of the vasodilator, Nitric Oxide (NO).

Research shows that infrared stimulates the production of NO by activating via increasing CaMKII-mediated eNOS-Ser(1179) phosphorylation [4]. This means warm-ups can be made more effective in less time, reducing injury risk.

Infrared Fabrics and the Impact on Enhancing Recovery and Rehabilitation

By enhancing recovery through improved blood flow, we allow a deeper, more complete repair of the tissues via the delivery of repair agents and removal of exercise-induced waste products.

We can help to reduce feelings of delayed onset muscle soreness, enhance sleep quality, normalise neural and endocrine function. Improving all of these factors is vital when recovery windows are compressed.

Improving sleep quality with infrared technology and the effects on recovery

We know that sleep is the bedrock of recovery – with improved sleep, fundamental markers of recovery are dramatically improved. Enhancing sleep has one of the highest returns on investment in strength and conditioning. The sleep improvement data on infrared is impossible to ignore.

Evidence from meta reviews of the sleep data amongst individuals shows the importance of sleep in cognitive function, physical energy and most importantly, recovery [5].

When infrared technology is introduced there’s a statistically significant increase in sleep quality, with marked improvements in mood and reduced napping noted [6]. These results are echoed in this study [7], where there was a reduction in through-the-night waking and a 2.6% improved sleep efficiency.

Concluding Thoughts

Our technology is the perfect partner to the existing work done by the skilled fitness coaches and medical departments already in place.

By sharing dozens of peer-reviewed, published studies proving the effectiveness of infrared across multiple biomarkers of physiology, the conversation will move from why you should implement infrared technology to how best to do so.

By investing into KYMIRA, you’re not just accessing world-leading infrared clothing, you’re accessing expertise and data from dozens of studies and thousands of hours of physiotherapists testing it out.

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