One of the oldest remedies in medicine is the application of heat to an injured site. By warming an area we improve blood flow, mobility, we ease pain and we promote healing. It’s not dramatic to suggest that warmth can work wonders for our physical and mental wellbeing.

In this article we’re going to take a closer look at how and why KYMIRA’s unique KYnergy fabric can help to insulate us and retain heat more effectively than other fabrics, and how this can be used to help alleviate symptoms associated with various medical conditions.

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Key Points:

  • Thermoregulation vs Heat
  • Practical Uses of KYMIRA for Thermoregulation
  • Why Heat Helps
  • Using KYMIRA Thermoregulation to Help Common Conditions
  • Making Life Easier

One of the oldest and most effective remedies for pain relief involves warming an injury site. Read on to learn why KYMIRA is such an effective thermoregulator and how that can help alleviate a lot of minor aches and pains...

Thermoregulation vs Heat

A lot of fabrics will insulate or provide warmth, but they’re not capable of helping to cool the body when it gets too warm. The difference with KYMIRA is that it allows the cooling of the body via evaporation of sweat when the body begins to overheat. This is thermoregulation in action – it provides warmth and cooling when appropriate, as opposed to simply warmth.

The patented KYnergy fabrics from which KYMIRA products are made has a lot of unique properties where thermoregulation is concerned.

Despite its light weight, the fabric generates and retains heat remarkably well. Various studies have been conducted on the thermoregulatory abilities of the fabric and the results show that in colder climates, our fabrics warm up quicker, and store the thermal energy 63% longer than an equivalent weight fabric would.

In practice, this means that effective warmth can be provided with thinner, lighter layers of clothing that are more comfortable to wear.

Practical Uses of KYMIRA for Thermoregulation

You don’t need to be engaged in top level sport to benefit from effective thermoregulation. Whether your activity is a gentle stroll, a dog walk, a light cycle or anything similar, the lighter yet warmer fabrics will keep you warm and will help to reduce or even remove muscle or joint discomfort.

Wearing a large coat, a scarf, a hat and multiple layers will of course keep you warm, but by wearing a disproportionately effective thermoregulatory fabric instead, you’ll be able to stay warm without walking around like the Michelin man!

The KYMIRA range covers socks, gloves, base layers, t-shirts, hoodies and the like. Perhaps you stay generally warm, but you suffer from cold hands or feet – in that case wearing the KYMIRA gloves and/or socks will provide you with an effective solution to an ongoing problem, without seeing you weighed down by layer upon layer of clothing.

Why Heat Helps

The application of warmth to an injured or uncomfortable area of the body can help on a number of levels. Superficially, warming an area improves blood flow which can reduce pain and improve movement. In arthritis patients, a simple warming of the affected joints has been shown to improve symptoms of pain and help to improve movement [1].

Further evidence of using heat shows that it can even help to blunt the intensity of pain and discomfort before it becomes an issue. In a study using heat wraps, patients reported a reduction in the intensity of lower back DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) of up to 52.3%. The comparison between pain relief with a heat pack and a cold pack was also significant. [2]

We also know that heat helps to increase blood flow [3]. This is important for more than simple circulatory issues, because it also helps to speed the rate of injury healing, [4] improve movement and mobility and improve overall comfort.

Using KYMIRA Thermoregulation to Help Common Conditions

You may be suffering from common complaints that are exaggerated by the cold weather, and wearing KYMIRA will help to ease the symptoms and make your life significantly more comfortable. Conditions such as…

  • Reynauds Syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Lower back pain
  • Non-arthritic joint pain (sprains and strains)
  • Post exercise muscle pain

By simply wearing KYMIRA clothing over the affected areas you’ll help to improve blood flow, increase your range of movement, blunt the pain response and reduce the time taken for the injury or discomfort to disappear.

Making Life Easier

The chances are if you’ve suffered with any of these conditions you may have a solution you’ve used, but often these are either impractical or short-lived. For example, some people use pain relief devices such as a TENS machine. The problem here is you need to carry it with you, and it’s only effective as long as you’re using it.

Medication is a similar issue – it involves taking a substance that may have a number of side effects, and it’s only effective for a window of time. You have to keep taking it to feel the effects.

By wearing KYMIRA you’ll be able to enjoy the effects for as long as you’re wearing it. It doesn’t need a ‘top up’, it doesn’t require equipment or batteries. You simply wear the clothing and enjoy the effects of it.

Take a look at the KYMIRA medical range here.

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