The Benefits


KYMIRA® Medical products use our KYnergy® technology to recycle back up to 93% of the wearers lost energy, into targeted spectrum infrared energy, that has many scientifically proven benefits to the wearer.

“When using these compared to when not, I have found a real difference in my ability to lead an active life, with less pain and better/faster recovery when resting. Allowing me to keep moving for longer, work harder and take shorter breaks between tasks and workouts.” 

Fiona B

Verified KYMIRA® Customer

The Benefits

Local Circulation

A key benefit of infrared technology is that it can boost local circulation in the body, an effect which knocks on to give a whole range of biological benefits in the body. KYMIRA® products will not permanently boost local circulation, but while an infrared garment is worn there is a localised increase in circulation which is invaluable in the treating of circulatory conditions, pain conditions and inflammation.  

The biological effects mentioned are produced by the increased production of Nitric Oxide in the body when exposed to infrared light. Nitric Oxide in our blood vessels acts as a vasodilator, meaning it opens up our blood vessels, increasing local circulation and blood flow through them. This effect is why KYMIRA® products can support the treatment, management and regulation of circulatory conditions such as Raynaud’s disease, Chillblains and Erythromyalgia. The infrared technology can also assist to alleviate symptoms and complications of conditions where circulatory issues are experienced as a secondary effect, such as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sclerodema.

"There are probably not many septuagenarians who buy this product, but I reasoned that many of the lower limb problems of old age are related to blood circulation. The socks had their baptism on the white cliffs of Dover on a record high temperature day, but during the walk I had no experience of overheating. After a walk my feet feel less tired than with conventional walking socks.” 

Geoff W

Verified KYMIRA® Customer 


Inflammation is an effect of many conditions, and can have a serious impact on quality of life in the form of chronic pain and discomfort. KYMIRA® products support a reduction in inflammation by opening up the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow. One of the numerous benefits of this is an acceleration of the rate at which swelling can be reduced during inflammatory responses, as the body is able to more efficiently remove excess fluids from the site of the inflammation

Inflammation is often an autoimmune or an injury response, and is linked to a huge variety of medical conditions. All of us are likely to experience inflammation in one form or another during our lifetimes, whether as a result of one of the aforementioned conditions, old age, or from injury.

As well as being supportive to the repair of injuries, as seen in the Rehabilitation tab, there are many chronic inflammatory conditions that can be positively affected through the use of KYMIRA® as a tool for management of inflammation, mobility and pain. The far infrared light created between the KYMIRA® product and the wearer can penetrate 4 centimetres into the body, making the products ideal for conditions that are harder to treat at a surface level with heat or topical treatments, such as Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Lupus, Gout and Ankylosing Spondylitis.

"I love these leggings and many of the other KYMIRA® Medical items, they have played an enormous part in relieving my arthritis aches and my Long Covid body pains. I often smile in the morning when I am covered in KYMIRA® from toes to neck, I rarely choose to wear other clothes as these make me feel better. I also find the logo "Powered by Science" is very motivational. I can't recommend the brand highly enough. They look good but they feel even better".

Allison J

Verified KYMIRA Customer


KYMIRA's® solutions will not cause systematic effects and the benefits experiences are more potent in the areas exposed to our KYnergy® fabric. For optimum support and benefit from these effects, we recommend that you give your body as much regular, extended exposure to the technology as possible. 

Pain Management

KYMIRA® products can be used with great effect to support a wide range of pain conditions and pain inducing issues from Fibromyalgia, to neuropathy and nerve pain conditions, as well as back and joint issues. The pain-relieving effects of KYMIRA® are a key part of our story and our mission, as we recognise that constant physical pain can be a particularly debilitating circumstance to endure and has a severe impact on mental health as well as physical.

We are proud to know that the pain relief pathways activated by wearing our products have been shown to decrease perceived pain levels by 25% in a variety of people. Significantly increased circulation can be seen within 30 seconds of putting a KYMIRA® Medical product on, and the pain-relieving effects that this promotes come not long after.

“I bought a pair of these socks for my wife who suffers with plantar fasciitis periodically. The comfort of the socks and the immediate pain relief for her was fantastic, far more than either of us expected. I would 100% recommend these socks."

Nigel H

Verified KYMIRA® Customer 

There are a variety of pain relief responses that the wearer will experience when using our products. The first is an activation of the same chemical pathways that an opiate would activate (albeit less potently). This process inhibits pain receptors and reduces pain while you are wearing KYMIRA® products. Although this pain inhibition will wear off when you remove our garments, longer pain relief effects have been seen in KYMIRA® users when it comes to muscle soreness.  

Due to the many other biological effects of the technology, KYMIRA® also products support a reduction in inflammation by opening up the blood vessels and increasing the rate of blood flow. This process enables the body to more efficiently remove excess fluids from the site of the inflammation and treats inflammation-based pain at the cause rather than masking it with pain medication.

“I've suffered from fibromyalgia for many years now. Despite the pain, I lead an active lifestyle because it helps me to cope mentally and emotionally. I have tried several different options for reducing pain but the best yet has been the use of KYMIRA®'s leggings.” 

Fiona B

Verified KYMIRA® Customer 

Condition Management

Customers use KYMIRA's® pain relief benefits to reduce the felt effects from the everyday strains of activity, but also to help manage existing medical conditions, old injuries and illness symptoms that affect comfort and quality of life. KYMIRA® Medical products are utilised for medical applications and our products containing Celliant® are designated to be a medical device by the FDA.

“When using these compared to when not, I have found a real difference in my ability to lead an active life, with less pain and better/faster recovery when resting. Allowing me to keep moving for longer, work harder and take shorter breaks between tasks/workouts.”

Fiona B

Verified KYMIRA® Customer 

Our products are ideal to help issues such as circulatory based conditions like Raynaud's and Chilblains, thermoregulatory conditions such as heat or cold intolerance and inflammation-based problems such as Carpel Tunnel, Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow, and Arthritis; helping you continue to live the life you love, be less affected by your condition and have a greater degree of control over your symptoms.

"I suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome in my fingers and toes, which is exacerbated when I spend hours running in the cold and wet weather. KYMIRA’s® infrared technology gear has become an integral part of my life. The infrared technology increases the blood flow to my outer extremities and disperses the heat that my body generates."

Nikki Love 

Professional Adventure & Ultra Runner


Recovery is an important area of day-to-day condition management. It is where your body repairs, rebuilds and strengthens your muscles; where harmful waste products are removed and broken down; where inflammation is calmed.

Wearing KYMIRA® will allow your body to accelerate its natural recovery processes by delivering more oxygen and nutrient rich blood to your muscle cells, while also removing waste products quicker through the increased circulation. The increased tissue oxygen levels that you will see as a result of wearing your KYMIRA® Medical products, will help your muscle fibres to heal. Research shows between 140% and 210% increases in cellular growth and repair, when cells are exposed to the wavelengths of infrared light that KYMIRA® Medical products emit.

In addition to the direct benefits on our muscle cells, active recovery allows the muscles to flush waste products and bring nutrients into the blood to replenish them. The increased circulation simulates an active recovery protocol while you are completely passive/inactive. This means that you can put your feet up watching TV, and still receive the same benefits.

Senior Physiotherapist Bob Stewart utilises our leggings to help clients effectively recover from high training loads that can be physically exhausting and painful:

“As a recovery protocol we have seen a 25% reduction in perceived pain scores, a 33% reduction in stiffness.”

Bob Stewart

Senior Physiotherapist

The recovery benefits from using KYMIRA® Medical products are found universally. We recommend that you wear one of our infrared garments for at least 1 hour after activity (such as exercising). For best practise, we advocate 4 hours as the optimum time.

KYMIRA® infrared recovery processes will be taking place already if you are continuously wearing the kit, or it can begin the second you put on one of our garments.


Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness - DOMS 

With increased blood flow and oxygen levels, KYMIRA® helps to breakdown lactic acid within muscles and reduce the effects of DOMS, the common fatigue that results from physical activity.

The circulatory, oxygenation and pain relief benefits, will diminish once you take your KYMIRA® product off, however DOMS stay reduced even once you take your KYMIRA® products off. We are investigating this clinically at the time of writing, with an independent clinical trial, but we believe that this is because the use of KYMIRA® products during activity reduces the amount of exercise induced muscle damage; the cause of DOMS.


KYMIRA® Medical products are regularly used at night time by a wide range of people for a multitude of reasons. For some, this is simply to continue to benefit from pain relief and muscular recovery through the night. For others, this is to improve their quality of sleep through maintained homeostasis, caused predominantly by the thermoregulation benefits and circulation benefits of the garments. 

A recent study on 20 participants in the US, investigated the use of KYMIRA® leggings used only during sleep. The results showed a 15.9% improvement in sleep quality, which correlated with a 15.8% improvement in fatigue and a 13.6% reduction in soreness. Wearers also report that they fall asleep faster, have less night time awakenings and wake up feeling more rejuvenated. 

“I look forward to putting these socks on each evening...I have chronic neuropathic pain in one foot & require big toe fusion in the other. I was taking Nurofen plus each day but since I've started wearing these socks, the big toe pain has subsided so that I barely notice it and the nerve pain is flattened sufficiently so that I haven't needed pain relief. I look forward to putting these on each evening & sleep with them on when possible.”

Maria P

Verified KYMIRA® Customer 

Injury Prevention

Our KYMIRA® infrared products have been shown to reduce the incidence of soft tissue injury significantly, even within high-risk activities. One sample population made up of 53 professional international rugby players has seen the incidents of soft tissue injuries drop by 80% over a two-year period, and this injury prevention effect also benefits the everyday wearer of KYMIRA® products. 

The reduction in soft tissue injuries is due to a number of different effects. By wearing your KYMIRA® Medical garments before physical activity or exertion, you can continually prime the muscles with Nitric Oxide, which improves muscle condition and elasticity so that they are less prone to acute damage. Secondly, if like many of us you are living with little niggles, old injuries and signs of wear and tear, the pain alleviating effects of wearing your KYMIRA® Medical products will reduce compensatory injuries and may well be able to help to fix the niggles as well via their recovery and rehabilitation supporting properties (as discussed in the rehabilitation section). 

Finally, by reducing fatigue, we see a reduction in fatigue-based injuries, which are typically caused when poor posture or gait creeps in when we are tired at the end of the day. KYMIRA® Medical products reduce fatigue by increasing tissue oxygen levels, respiration efficiency and energy production at a cellular level. For more on how, check out our Science page. 

Please note that to receive the strongest injury prevention benefits, you should wear KYMIRA® infrared products as often as possible, especially during activity so that the infrared benefits can be felt by those active muscle groups. KYMIRA® infrared products have a localised effect that penetrates up to 4cm in depth and the surrounding peripheral areas, so to receive the benefits, the area must be covered in KYMIRA®. For example, wearing our leggings will help reduce injury risk in your legs, glutes and lower back, but not your shoulders. 

“It's like wearing a second skin, it's providing compression, it's keeping my shoulders from feeling like they're about to pop out, it's supporting my elbows without over splinting.... I could rave about it for ages, and in fact, I did to my physio!”  

Karen L

Verified KYMIRA® Customer 


As well as a tool to mitigate the risks of getting an injury, KYMIRA® products can help you recover quicker from them should they occur. KYMIRA® Medical garments are widely recommended and used by physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths to aid rehabilitation, whether it be from a sporting injury, surgery or other medical condition.

Research has shown between 140% and 210% increases in cellular growth and repair when cells are exposed to the wavelengths of infrared light that KYMIRA® Sport products emit. This in combination with the previously discussed benefits of increased circulation and increased tissue oxygen levels, enable your body to recover quicker, reduce inflammation faster and accelerate your rehabilitation.

“KYMIRA® clothing has helped me to come back from a ruptured Achilles tendon – that’s the biggest highlight for me! It could have been a career-ending injury but thankfully, it hasn’t been.” 

Henry T

Verified KYMIRA® Customer 

The pain relief benefits that KYMIRA® Medical products provide, can also be of benefit for rehabilitation. Alongside the support to soft tissue repair, inflammation reduction and pain management effects highlighted, KYMIRA® products can help reduce the negative effects of immobility as studies show Nitric Oxide can be powerful in preventing muscle-disuse atrophy. 

“I have worn (the leggings) just about every day. They have lessened my discomfort and helped me walk better. The leggings also made physical therapy easier...They really feel wonderful and I am sure that my recovery will be faster.”

Betty W

Verified KYMIRA® Customer 

KYMIRA® products are found to be useful to support compliance and maintenance of a physical rehabilitation programme. With increased blood flow and oxygen levels, KYMIRA® helps to breakdown lactic acid within muscles and reduce the effects of muscle aches, the commonly referred to issue of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). KYMIRA® rehabilitation partners compliment their treatment plans with KYMIRA® products, reporting that patients have an increased capacity to work and reduced issues of muscle soreness that lead to a lack of regime compliance. Overall, the rehabilitation professionals and customers report an accelerated physical rehabilitation process. 

"KYMIRA® has been absolutely invaluable to my recovery. The KYMIRA® IR long sleeved jersey helped me to recover from a broken radius bone in under 5 weeks, less than half the time that 4 doctors suggested. We defied what the doctors believed to be possible. Thank you KYMIRA®”. 

Scott B

Verified KYMIRA® Customer 

Travel Management

Travel is a necessary part of life, but unfortunately also one that takes its toll on your body, whether you are driving, being driven or flying. By wearing your KYMIRA® Medical products while you are travelling, you can mitigate a lot of the negative effects of being sedentary and arrive to your destination feeling fresher, reducing the time needed to recover and/or acclimatise to your new surroundings. 

“The kit helps me combat jet-lag on long haul flights.”

Ben P

Verified KYMRIA® Customer

Similar to the active recovery benefits, wearing your KYMIRA® Medical products while travelling will allow you to arrive at your destination feeling less fatigued, less stiff, and less sore. Through the complete combination of the benefits listed on our Science Page our products will increase localised circulation and muscle energy, reduce swelling, relax your muscles and reduce any discomforts that you may be feeling. The thermoregulatory effects are often beneficial as well and allow you to maintain a more comfortable temperature throughout your journey, plus the kit offers SPF35 sun protection ready for an arrival to a sunny destination. 

Many people will travel in compression products such as socks to prevent DVT’s. However, compression products require the wearer to be actively engaging their muscles by movement, or they will have little benefit. KYMIRA® Medical products work without muscle activation because they increase circulation through the production of nitric oxide and their subsequent natural chemical reaction, not muscular activity, and compression. For those wanting both benefits though, our KYMIRA® compression socks feature medical grade compression alongside our infrared technology, and are widely used as flight socks. 

Excellent support, very comfortable, good temperature control with my bad circulation. I’ve worn them when travelling by air to avoid getting puffy ankles which have previously plagued me on long journeys. Thank you KYMIRA®!

Janet B

Verified KYMIRA® Customer

Temperature Regulation

& Protection from the Elements

Regulating temperature is key to both physical health and comfort. On one side, you will be more comfortable if you are not too hot, or too cold. However, more importantly, the closer you are to the metabolically perfect temperature, the quicker and more efficiently the cellular processes in your body will occur, increasing factors such as energy availability and respiratory efficiency. 

Temperature control is a negative feedback system where your body will fluctuate between actively cooling and heating as depicted by the grey line in the graph on the right. As you can see, when you are using KYMIRA® Medical products we cannot guarantee to keep your body at the metabolically perfect temperature all of the time, but it will reduce the size and frequency of the fluctuations. This allows your body to use its energy and fluid reserves more efficiently on other functions like recovering. 

“Having tested and relied upon KYMIRA's® products in some of the most extreme environments on earth, I believe they offer the most robust, adaptable and comfortable baselayers for any conditions. The robustness of the garments is second to none. I have never used products that perform so well when wet, and the muscle conditioning and recovery benefits make a massive difference to physical condition and morale.”

Louis N

Verified KYMIRA® Customer 

KYMIRA® Medical kit is ideal if you spend a great deal of time outside, in hot or cold conditions or perhaps residing somewhere that weather can be variable. KYMIRA® is suitable for both hot and cold climates, with a regulating effect experienced by our customers ranging from -35 to +48 degrees (celcius). When you use KYMIRA as a base-layer with layering over the top, the infrared fabric warms and retains heat 63% better than fabric of its usual weight. 

KYMIRA® fabric dries 65% quicker on average, over standard fabrics, offering quick drying from sweat or rain. The Quarts Dioxide offers a built in SPF protection of at least SPF35, so your skin benefits from additional protection while you are outside.

"I got a pair of gloves for the start of winter as I have bad Raynaud's and my job takes me outdoors. Usually, I have to wear three pairs of gloves, whereas this winter I have just worn these. They have kept my fingers warm and pink rather than going white!"

Andrew P

Verified KYMIRA® Customer 

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