Our Science and the Technology

(1)  How can I be sure that this works?

We’ve got a veritable wealth of reviews from real customers across our sites and social media profiles who’ve used and loved KYMIRA. Just check out our comment sections or our Feefo page!

(2)  What evidence do you have to back up your claims?

KYMIRA’s KYnergy infrared technology is backed up by 10 independently conducted clinical trials and the effects of infrared on the body are well-documented in the scientific industry, so more evidence can be found with even a quick internet search.

(3)  What are the benefits of using infrared?

The main benefits infrared has on the body include:

  • Increased micro-circulation
  • Thermoregulation
  • Pain relief
  • Faster removal of waste products from the muscles, such as lactic acid
  • Increased tissue oxygenation by 20%
  • Increased cellular metabolism and energy production

(4)  Are there any side effects?

No negative or uncomfortable side effects have been noted as a result of the application of infrared technology on the body.

Product Information and Usage

(5)  Will I overheat/get too hot?

The wavelength of infrared used in KYMIRA’s clothing is a specific range that is non-heating. While the term ‘infrared’ is heavily associated with heat, body heat and temperature, our garments do not produce any form of heat, and do not reflect the body’s energy back in as heat but rather as form of radiation.

(6)  Will I feel any noticeable sensations from the infrared waves?

Generally there is no tangible sensation when an infrared garment is worn. In some instances of extreme cold or heat prior to putting on the garment, you may feel warmer or cooler as your body will respond to the infrared within one minute, but response times can vary between individuals. The warming or pain relieving effects of our gloves and socks has been the most commonly noted - especially with sufferers of Raynaud’s phenomenon - as your circulation is poorest in the extremities and you’ll benefit most dramatically in those areas from its improvement.

(7)  What’s the difference between your products and regular compression garments?

Unlike compression garments, infrared garments do not require a skin-tight fit to deliver benefits to the body and can even be worn over other ordinary materials. Compression garments are generally considered to be effective for improving athletic performance and in a clinical setting for treating a variety of conditions. One of the biggest factors in the effectiveness of compression clothing is actually the fit. Simply put, if you are purchasing 'off the rack’ compression garments, you’ll get varying levels of pressure on different areas on the body because your specific measurements don’t match that of anyone else or any standard measurements. Infrared circumvents the need for compression altogether, delivering many of the same benefits and more.

(8)  Can I wear infrared clothing in summer?

One of the main benefits of KYnergy is its capacity for thermoregulation, and it’s been tested in a variety of climates from the sub-zero climates in the arctic circle to the deserts of Saudi Arabia. We’re confident in the effectiveness of the technology to dissipate heat, and the fabric itself is 65% quicker drying than standard comparable fabrics to quickly wick away moisture. Our fabric also boasts an SPF rating of 35+, making it great for a variety of outdoor activities year-round.

(9) Do you/are you planning to make other colours?

At current our base layer products all come in only black, but our fleeces, hoodies, socks and gloves all come in multiple colour options including vibrant pinks, blues, reds and more. We’re always receptive to product requests, so if you’d like to see more colours or specific products produced by us, why not get in contact? We’d love to hear from you.

(10)  I have ‘X’ condition, which products do you recommend?

The effect of infrared is localised, meaning that it will work best when directly applied to the affected body part(s). By ‘affected’ we are referring to the area(s) in which you most feel the symptoms of your injury or condition. For example, for a sore shoulder we would recommend a top or a fleece product. Raynauds would be best helped with some gloves and socks to help boost circulation to the extremities, or a long-sleeved top that will improve circulation right down to the hands.

General or Other

(11) I’m worried that I won’t buy the right size/I’d like some sizing guidance

Every product page links to our detailed size guide to help you find the right size in any one of our products. If you need additional information or are deciding between sizes we’re always on hand to help with your questions.

(12)  Do you ship to my country?

We’re a UK-based company, but we are proud to ship both domestically and internationally including: Europe; the US; Asia; the Middle East; and more! If you’ve reached checkout but are experiencing issues, please get in touch to see how best we can help you.

(13)  How do I wash and care for my garments?

We recommend washing your garments at 30 degrees (Celsius) and avoiding tumble drying. This is mainly to protect the elasticity of the garments and ensure that they continue to fit perfectly throughout the garment’s lifetime. KYMIRA’s manufacturing process ensures is that our infrared technology is not achieved by coating the fabric, but rather by embedding the individual yarns - and as such it will not wash out or degrade over time.

(14) How do I make a return?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your item(s) or with your customer experience, we accept returns of pristine items within 14 days of purchase. To make a return please email with your order number and your reasons for returning. We maintain the right to not accept a return request, for more information on our policy, please see our delivery and returns page.

(15)  How can I check on the status of my order?

You’ll get an automated email to confirm your order has been received, and another when it ships out from our warehouse. If you have selected standard (free) delivery, your parcel will not be trackable, but if you have selected next day or are ordering internationally you will be able to track your parcel with the relevant courier service with the tracking details provided.

(16)  What payment options do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit card providers (including AMEX), as well as PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Shop Pay.

(17)  I’m a professional who’s interested to learn more about the brand and working with KYMIRA

Please contact our team at and we will direct your enquiry to the relevant department or individual. Please note that we do not give out contact information or personal details of employees in order to protect their data, and that we do not entertain spam or phishing emails.

(18)  What stores is KYMIRA Medical stocked at?

As of yet, KYMIRA Medical is not stocked in any physical stores. Our sister brand KYMIRA Sport is our current list of retailers, please see our store finder page.

(19)  What events can I find you at?

Although we sell predominantly online, we do appear at a selection of shows each year where our customers can come meet the team directly, view our technology demonstrations and shop the range in person. Check out where we’ll be next on our events page.

(20)  Where can I hear about new product launches, sales, and events?

By signing up to our newsletter of course!

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